Drinking Water On Ships

Supply of drinking water onboard ships

How Hyflo water purifier can help to deliver best quality portable water on ships at low cost

Generally there are two ways for ocean going ships to obtain their fresh water:

Firstly fresh water can be obtained from ports of calls, either from shore supply or water barge. However quality of water supplies may vary from countries to countries or regions to regions.

Alternatively, ships can produce fresh water from sea water via one of the two desalination methods; First method is evaporator system, where seawater is heated and turned to steam, steam than condensate and fresh water is collected. Another method is using reverse osmosis pressurised filtering system to convert seawater into fresh water. Neither method is without drawbacks: both leave organic compounds such as benzene and trichloroethylene in the water which may be harmful to humans. The process therefore has to be managed carefully. Desalination also removed minerals from water so steps of remineralisation to reduce the aggressive nature of the water are needed.

A complex network to store and distribute freshwater on board are needed too, includes water tanks, pumps, hose, pipes, valves, joints, etc. This gives raise to possibility of contamination of fresh water as limited space on ships means that potable water systems are likely to be close to hazardous substances such as sewage or waste streams, and sources of heat. Corrosion in pipes, tanks, joints and other plumbing parts too may contaminate the water.

As such WHO had stipulated requirements to check and safeguard quality of drinking water onboard ships. There are two main parameters of water quality to check:

Physicochemical: These includes appearance, colour, tastes,  pH, Conductivity, Salinity, chlorine, metals and hardness  of water.

Microbial parameters: These includes quantity of coliforms, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Intestinal enterococci, Heterotrophic plate count (HPC) etc.

To ensure safety and health of personnel onboard ships regular check and tests of portable water is required. MSN 1848 (M) Amendment 1 ‘Inspection of Food and Catering Provision’ 3.2.3 (1) stated that ‘the master of a ship must check and ensure drinking water quality at least once a week.

Hyflo water purifier system has been used onboard ships for the last 5 years. It has been installed as the last stage of safeguard just before human consumption. Our system of water filters has been proven over time able to remove harmful impurities in water. Despite rigorous weekly check by the ships’ master and crews our water system stood firm and deliver quality water that meet the WHO standard. Day after day and year after year.

Hyflo water system is top quality, easy to install, durable, economical and need almost no maintenance.  Cost as little as US$9.00 a month for a 4 stage U-pure water purifier system and the ship’s crews need not buy anymore bottled water. Just yearly replacement of filters is all that required in most cases. Saving tones of wasteful plastic bottles and thousands of dollars in bottled water.  Hundreds of ocean going ships has been using our water purifier.  Just fill up the contact form and send. We will reply you within 2 working days.

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