Water cluster

A water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom to form the common H2O symbol. But water comes in clusters of molecules instead of a single molecule. This is water cluster.

Usual tap water and most bottled water contains large clusters of 15 to 16 molecules in one cluster. It takes our body longer time to digest and absorb them. As a result you will feel bloated after drinking a full glass of normal water. This is due to the larger water molecules that our body need to process.

As compare, micro clustered water contains only 5 or 6 water molecules in a cluster. The smaller water cluster will be much easier to absorb for the body and cells. Our body can absorb more of the nutrients at a faster rate. At the same time micro clustered water helps to expel toxins faster, helping us to detoxify our body faster.

Hyflo micro clustered water

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Micro clustered water machine from Hyflo produces much smaller water cluster

By drinking micro-clustered water more often you can hydrate your body more quickly and effectively. Micro clustered water also enhance energy levels, improve your overall aerobic capacity and prevent premature aging. The benefits of micro clustered water were upheld by an independent study conducted by the Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society. The studies show that 60 percent of people who drank micro clustered water improve their cellular hydration level tenfold.

micro clustered water, micro clustered water molecules

Micro clustered water enhance energy level & aerobic capacity

Micro clustered water machine from Hyflo

Hyflo alkaline water is tested & proven micro clustered water. It enhances the benefits of alkaline anti oxidant in our body.  At the same time helps our body flush out toxins much faster too.

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