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Alkaline water Ionizer 

Hyflo's alkaline water ionizer, like all other alkaline water ionizers, utilized a process called electrolysis. The process requires at least two metal plates  submerged in water with electric current running. The electric current will turn one plate positively charged (anode) and the other plate negatively charged (cathode). During the process water near the anode turn acidic whilst water near the cathode turn alkaline. Users than collect the alkaline water from the cathode side for drinking and cooking. Whilst acidic water discharged from the anode side is being drained away or used for cleaning purposes. Other brands such as Kangan water uses same principle to produce ionized water.  

Hyflo's alkaline water ionizer is easy to use, affordable, slim in design and can fit easily into most kitchen table top. It featured a built-in water filter to remove impurities and chemicals such as chlorine from water too. This alkaline water machine has 2 acidic water settings and up to 5 alkaline water settings, giving you wide choices of water pH selection to suit your various needs. Prices start from just $999 inclusive of installation and free filter - lower price than most other water ionizers.

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Kangan water, alkaline water ionizer

Alkaline water ionizer - up to 8 selection of water pH

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