Water Purifier

Water Purifier & Water Purification System

Water purification is the process of removing undesirable substances, contaminants & micro-organisms from water. So as to produce clean and healthy drinking water. There are few methods to purify water. In Singapore Ultra Filtration (UF) is the most suitable method. It has few advantages over the reverse osmosis (RO) method. RO methods remove most minerals in water and require electric pump to operate. Whereas UF method retains most minerals and do not require electric pump to operate.


Why Hyflo Water Purifier is better?

  • Use UF technologies from Korea.
  • Consist of up to 5 water filters that effectively remove undesirable substances as small as 0.01 micron, including chlorine, bacteria and viruses.
  • Give you pure clean drinking water 24/7 instantly by simple turn of the tap.
  • Required NO electricity to operate and is maintenance-free.
  • Slim design occupy minimum space.
  • Can install easily on kitchen sink-top or under the sink
  • Able to deliver 2 options of water pH, i.e normal pH water and alkaline water.
  • Can link to Hot and Cold Water Dispenser so that 3 water temperatures (hot, cold and room temperature) can be dispensed.

As such our water system offer you more options and healthier water at very affordable cost.

Our water quality is unmatched and certified by reputable institutions. Quality of water is tested in Singapore by SGS Singapore and TUV SUD PSB to had met or exceed the standard of World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Singapore newspaper "The New Paper" had published an article on 21 May 2016. The title read: "Drink good quality water for better health". The article wrote that:"Hyflo's alkaline water possesses qualities of healthier water, like mildly alkaline levels, micro-clustered and anti-oxidant water. Their range of quality product is internationally and locally certified".

2 models of water purifiers.

This 4 stage water system is slim measure just 32 x 39 x 9.5 cm. This is the proven water purifier system in use since 2011.

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4 stage alkaline water system - 4 filters: sediments, carbon, UF & alkaline anti-oxidant

This 5 stage alkaline water system is similar in size as the proven 4 stage system. Its beauty and elegance has earned much praise from users.

Both the proven 4 stage system in blue and the new 5 stage system in white deliver the best quality of mildly alkalinity, anti-oxidant and micro-clustered water, all of which were hallmark of Hyflo water.

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New 5 stage system. Consist of 5 filters: Sediments, pre-carbon, post-carbon Nano, UF and alkaline antioxidant

Hyflo offer a full service and maintenance program that take care of all filters change periodically plus an extended warranty of 54 months. All just for very affordable cost of 4 cents per litre of purified alkaline water.

Our credentials and affiliations:

Quality endorsed by Singapore newspaper  member of Singapore water association  quality tested by TUV PSB Singapore  quality tested by SGS Singapore