Water Purifier

Water Purifier & Water Purification System

Hyflo Singapore water purifier and water purification system utilise combination of 4 or 5 types of filter. They are sediment, carbon, Ultra membrane, post carbon and alkaline anti-oxidant filter. Our water filters are made in Korea with quality tested internationally by organisations such as NSF.  The water quality is tested in Singapore by SGS Singapore and TUV SUD PSB  to the standard of the World Health Organisation. Singapore's leading newspaper - The New Paper had reported Hyflo's purified water as a healthier drinking water on 21 May 2016.  Hyflo is a member of the  Singapore Water Association.

We have several range and configuration of water purifier and water dispenser for home and offices use:

  1. 4 stage alkaline water purifier
  2. 4 stage U-pure water purifier (neutral pH of about 7)
  3. 5 stage alkaline water purifier
  4. Premium Shower Filter

All our water purification products are slim and small in design. No electricity is needed. Clean fresh purified water is now available 24/7 with just simple turn of the tap.

Under sink water purifier

This slim and powerful 4 stage water purification system measured just 32 x 39 x 9.5 cm. This is the proven under sink water purifier system since 2011. Its 4 stage water filtration system can effectively remove sediments, micro-organisms and harmful chemicals such as Chlorine from water. The purified water is also micro-clustered mildly alkaline and has anti-oxidant quality that help to fight cancers, reduce weights, slow down aging and improve overall health.

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4 stage alkaline water system - 4 filters: sediments, carbon, UF & alkaline anti-oxidant

New 5 stage water purification system

Hyflo's  new 5 stage water purification system, is similar in size as the proven 4 stage system. But with white cover and grey body. Its beauty and elegance has earned much praise from users. The system is capable to deliver 2 options of water, namely:

  1. A 4 stage U-pure water that is pure, clean and a neutral pH level. U-pure water uses 4 filters: sediments, carbon, post-carbon & UF filters
  2. A 5 stage alkaline water that has all the benefits of the U-pure water plus benefits of alkaline water, consist of all 5 filters:  sediments, carbon, post-carbon,UF & alkaline anti-oxidant filters

Both the proven 4 stage system in blue cover and the newly launched 5 stage system in white cover deliver the same quality of mildly alkalinity, anti-oxidant and micro-clustered water, all of which were hallmark of Hyflo alkaline water.

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New 5 stage water purifier system

Hyflo offer a full service and maintenance program that take care of all filters change periodically plus an extended warranty of 54 months. All just for very affordable cost of 4 cents per litre of purified alkaline water.

Shower Filter

This easy to install shower filters help to remove sediments and other impurities from water when you bath. As such the filtered water helps to prevent dry skins, rashes, skins allergy and eczema. Measured about 6 inches, it can be easily installed within almost all standard shower head connection. 

Usually after few months of usage the filter colour change from white into dark brownish colour - probably another evidence of  rusts, sediments and impurities presence in our tap water. 

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Shower Filter

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Why Hyflo alkaline water purifier is better?

   alkaline water of pH 9     alkaline water improve blood circulation     alkaline water improve immune system    alkaline water enhance metabolism  Alkaline water is anti aging      alkaline water help expel body toxin faster    alkaline water has smaller water cluster   water purifier require no electricity

Our credentials and affiliations:

Quality endorsed by Singapore newspaper    member of Singapore water association        quality tested by TUV PSB Singapore     quality tested by SGS Singapore     Quality checked by NSF