Alkaline Water Benefits

Benefits of alkaline water to human health  has been widely published since the last 2 decades.

We knew our health body pH range is approximately 7.4 which is mildly alkaline. However due to foods choices and modern lifestyles, our pH may decline over time. A drop in pH means your health is going down too. Here’s the pH range and your body’s state of health in according to Dr. Mona Harrisson (former MD Director International Water Council):

Healthy: pH 7.36 to 7.45
Semi healthy: pH 7.35 & below
Chronic Diseases: pH 7.0 & below
Cancer patients: pH 6.85 to 6.95
Coma pH 6.9 & below
Death pH 6.8

Below video illustrate how body acidity and alkalinity affect our health.

Thus it is evident that body pH is very crucial to our health. Most people in the state of “semi-healthy” (pH of below 7.35) have not face serious health problems yet. But these people likely experience some on-off body ache or numbness, decline of energy level or feel tired easily, decline of concentration or mental alertness, etc. However health screening or medical checks usually yield no finding of illness.

alkaline water benefits, benefits of alkaline water in semi-health body

on-off body ache a sign of semi-healthy body

Benefits of alkaline water in disease prevention

Studies had indicated chronic diseases such as cancer and high blood pressure can link to acidic foods intake. According to Dr.Mona : “cancer tumors cannot live in alkaline water.” The World Health Organisation (WHO) had on Feb 2011 issued the same finding. Dr Mona also encouraged cancer patients and everybody to drink alkaline water for better health.

Dr Walter Kim, Director of Korean Society for Environment and Medical Science, had on August 2011 said that :

”Water makes up 70% of our body. Water is our life. When we are healthy, our pH level is mildly alkaline at 7.4. Otherwise we will face problems like weak immune system. So we always have to keep a mildly alkaline level in our blood. That is why we recommend drinking mildly alkaline water to neutralise the pH levels in our blood, as most of the food we eat is acidic”.

There are many other doctors, scientists and nutritionists who wrote about other alkaline water benefits in management of diseases like cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes, eczema, heart diseases, obesity. Another important alkaline water benefit is its anti-aging too as it contain high levels of anti-oxidant.

Alkaline water helps to neutralise acids and remove toxins from the body. Benefits of alkaline water also include improved metabolism and improved blood circulation.

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