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Hot and Cold Water dispenser is getting more popular in Singapore. Many commercial and communal buildings already have all sorts of water dispensers installed. More and more homes also find this devices useful as essential part of lifestyles living.

There are many types of water dispenser in use here but generally all can be broadly classified into 2 types. The first type is bottled water dispenser where you can see a giant bottle of water on top of the dispenser. This type of dispenser the water is purified and pre-filled into the giant bottle in the factory. The giant bottles than delivered to site and required storage spaces on-site. The giant bottles need to be replaced regularly with some manual strength. It cost more per litre of purified water and it suits offices without access to tap water.

The second type is Point-of-Use or POU type of water dispenser. This is a pipe-in system meaning it required direct connection to tap water source. The water dispenser inside contains water filter which purified the water instantly before consumption. So water is purified at point of use. It need no giant bottle and space to store those bottles. It cost less per litre of purified water. This type of machine is getting more popular with modern home owners especially the table-top typed with hot and cold water dispenser.

Why our Hot and Cold Water Dispensers are Better?

Hyflo range of hot and cold water dispensers are all POU type of system that need no giant bottle. All our dispensers are slimmer and lighter in design. It can fit into most table-top space.  All Hyflo dispensers are the highest standard of quality.

For added convenience the dispenser can connect to a fixed or movable water faucet and a under-sink water purifier system. So that users can have the convenience of hot and cold water dispenser for drinking and a water faucet on the sink that supply purified water for cooking, both at the same time. This 2-in-1 system  gives users 3 options of water temperatures for all purposes within the confined space of modern kitchen. Which is the reason it is popular with modern households.

Trendy Series

The trendy series come with striking black and white colours. Model No. 105C

Hot cold water dispenser

Dimensions: 26cm x 47cm x 49cm (W x D x H). Water tank capacity: 1.5 Little (hot), 4.2 Little (cold). The rest of technical specifications are same as model 8900C of the Elegance Series.


Elegance Series

This elegance hot and cold water dispenser series comes with two colour options - black and silver, both are well-loved and desired by thousands of households and office users.

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Model : 8900C

Specification of 8900C:

Dimension: 25.5cm x 48.2cm x 50.5cm (WxDxH). Water tank capacity :1.7 little (hot) and 4.0 little (cold) respectively. Power consumption: 300w (hot) and 80w (cold) respectively. Heating capacity is about 80 to 90 degree celsius. Cooling capacity is about 5 to 10 degree celsius.

The machine uses a stainless steel tub so as to prevent bacteria breeding. It runs with a LG Compressor and a hot water safety function (child-lock) for added safety. It is the best selling hot cold table top water dispenser in Korea and had won the red-dot design award. It deliver the same quality water as the under-sink system.

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