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Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Hyflo's hot and cold water dispenser is slimmer and lighter in design. It can fit into most table-top space. It is the best selling hot cold table top water dispenser in Korea and had won the red-dot design award. The water tank capacity is 1.5 little (hot) and 4.0 little (cold) respectively. Power consumption is 450w (hot) and 80w (cold) respectively. Heating capacity is about 80 to 90 degree celsius. Cooling capacity is about 5 to 10 degree celsius.

The machine uses a stainless steel tub so as to prevent bacteria breeding. It runs with a LG Compressor and a hot water safety function (child-lock) for added safety. It deliver the same quality water as the under-sink system.  All Hyflo dispensers were made in Korea with the highest standard of quality control. We offer two main series of dispensers with 4 colour options.

  1. The modern trendy series - yellow and orange colour
  2. The elegance series - black and silver colour

For added convenience the dispenser can connect to a fixed or movable water faucet and a under-sink water purifier system. So that users can have the convenience of hot and cold water dispenser for drinking and a water faucet on the sink that supply purified water for cooking, both at the same time. This 2-in-1 system  gives users 3 options of water temperatures for all purposes within the confined space of modern kitchen. Which is the reason it is popular with modern households

Water Dispenser for the Modern and Trendy

This slim and solidly built alkaline water dispenser comes with two striking colour options - yellow and orange. Young and young-at-heart users love it.

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Water Dispenser with Everlasting Elegance

This elegance hot and cold water dispenser comes with two colour options - black and silver, both with everlasting beauty.


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Why Hyflo alkaline water is better?

   alkaline water of pH 9     alkaline water improve blood circulation     alkaline water improve immune system    alkaline water enhance metabolism  Alkaline water is anti aging      alkaline water help expel body toxin faster    alkaline water has smaller water cluster   

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