Under sink water Purifier and Water Dispenser users' testimonials

Thousands of satisfied customers and users had installed our water purifier system, hot & cold water dispensers and 2-in-1 system in their homes or offices. Nearly all users had shown us the big "thumbs up" signs after using our Hyflo system - A good testimonials to our quality products and committed services. All personal facial features were blurred to protect our users' personal privacy (note: click on any image to enlarge it). At Hyflo we take customers' well being and privacy seriously. So you'll be in good hands with Hyflo, always!

Installation of Water Purifier system

Most of Hyflo's water purifier system were installed under the sink, it looks neat and nice without the unsightly tubing and its space saving too. See the layout plan of under-sink installation.

The under-sink installation system place the whole water purification system under the sink, thus you don't see big boxes, messy tubings and valves on table-top. What you see is just an elegance looking water faucet that dispense purified water instantly. This water faucet is optional for those kitchens sink already pre-installed with a mixer faucet. Usually this additional faucet will be place beside the original faucet. See some photos of how it look like after installation.

Actual installation (Note: click on any images to enlarge it for clearer view)

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